Jun. 3rd, 2009

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Fiddles with the account trying to figure out what its purpose will be.

I'm glad I have this account, I'm curious to see where things will go from here, but I sort of feel as if I have to many blogs and accounts. I feel this way about many things in my life though, as if there is just to much and something must be let go of.

Having said that, I intend to hold onto my dreamwidth account as it is new and clean, there are other things that could be let go of that have higher frustration levels attached to them.

One of my LJ 'friends' is going to self publish his memoirs with Lulu. I'm actually sort of impressed with his moxy to tell you the truth. He's not doing it for money but as a form of release for a childhood and life that have not been kind.

It got me thinking what would my memoirs look like and I have to admit, for someone who has not many thousands of things I've wanted to do, such as travel, I have lived far more than a great deal of the people I know. When I look around at the people I keep close to me the same is true of them as a well. I guess it has been a good life after all.

Anyways, sanquivory and aphonicbabel are my working LJ's but I like the notion that dreamwidth is for creating so I may make this a creative journal yet, tongue in cheek, I may do my memoirs here and some of them may even be true.


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