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Fanfiction for FAKE
Standard Disclaimer: I do not own FAKE or the characters, this is a not for profit fan work.

All previous chapters can be found here:FF.net link, Verge of Something Wonderful


Maybe that’s what needed to happen all along; maybe Ryo needed it to be this way. Dee didn’t care; it felt too good to worry about anyway. He felt both aroused and safe at the same time, not something he was used too but extremely pleasant none the less. His body was so hot, pinned beneath Ryo’s weight, and it felt so good to feel his own erection trapped between their bodies, Ryo’s pressing back against him, the sharpness of hip bones dulled through their clothing but still imprinting into each other’s bodies.

In the darkness Dee let go…
he gave control over to Ryo and let him take him where ever he wanted to go. It was a position he rarely let himself be, even when other lovers had taken the lead he had allowed it for only so long before snatching back the control, one way or the other. Even if it meant topping from the bottom, he was always so driven, engine always running, foot always on the gas. He liked receiving pleasure but he got a huge rush out of being the one that made his lovers tremble and gasp.

But this was Ryo. It was almost too much to take in at one time and several of his fuses were long since blown by the things he was doing to Dee’s body. Ryo touched him like he was trying to absorb Dee’s essence right through his skin, lips and hands caressing him firmly. Ryo’s gun calloused fingers and palms pushing and sliding against the muscles of his abdomen dragging heat to his groin, Ryo’s mouth on his neck, Ryo’s firm tongue trailing after a bead sweat chasing it from his throat to just past his sternum.

And Ryo was talking, the quiet, man of few words Ryo, was talking to him every time his mouth wasn’t otherwise occupied, whispered heated breathes puffed against his skin telling him how very, very good he tasted to him, how his bones and muscles felt under the pressure of his hands. Dee felt like the molten words were themselves licking at his arousal, pulling it higher. Dee had no idea how Ryo had treated his previous lovers but he was absolutely sure it was not like this because if it had been none of them would have ever let him go.

Any time he tried to raise his hands up to touch the god above him Ryo would gently but firmly take them back down, placing the long fingers into the blankets and sheets and holding them there until Dee stopped. It was maddening but effective because Dee was absolutely breathless for Ryo to continue what he was doing. He had tied up and been tied up during the act of sex, he thought he knew all about being restrained and what it did and did not do for sex, Ryo was absolutely proving him wrong on all accounts. Those experiences had been tinged with doing something naughty and little mind fucks about control, this however was a damn near spiritual experience and he couldn’t even begin to place them in the same boat.

He’d given over control freely and Ryo was in control of the situation but he wasn’t dominating Dee as much as he was refusing to let Dee take away from him worshipping Dee’s body with an arousal driven by love and affection as much as desire. So Dee breathed deep and tried not to drown while his unrestrained hands fidgeted and twisted the fabric beneath them and let Ryo have his moment, even if it killed him to hold himself back.

When Ryo’s hands finally hooked the clothes at his waist and pulled them off Dee helped to yank his legs free of the troublesome cloth and sighed at the feeling of cool air against his erection and legs. He heard Ryo’s pajama pants as the fabric collapsed on itself when Ryo stepped out of them causing Dee’s mind to buckle just a little bit more. He had to clench the bedding tightly in his fists to keep from grabbing at Ryo and he knew he was white knuckled with the force he was using as Ryo’s body settled back down along the length of his, naked flesh to flesh all the way, for the first time ever. Ryo kissed at his mouth, tugging gently on his bottom lip with his teeth to let Dee know he wanted in. Dee opened up for him and moaned like a creature possessed when Ryo licked into him, sliding his tongue against his own.

Ryo eventually shifted to Dee’s side, pressing his own erection into Dee’s hip and pulling the adjoined leg in between his own. He slipped an arm under Dee’s neck and trapped his head in place while pinning Dee’s arm under his own weight. He continued to lick, suck and thrust his way into Dee’s mouth, his free hand moving in lazy circles over his chest and belly, scratching around his belly button and sweeping down to the nest of curls around his cock, teasing him and swallowing all of Dee’s whimpers and groans. He pulled at dark hair there gently smiling against Dee’s mouth when his hips curled up at the sensation before dropping his hand lower to cup his balls and roll them in his palm and fingers, exerting pressure against them in brief spurts. Dee’s hips flexed minutely with the movements and his breath shortened to tight quick in draws of air.

He subsided from his mouth to Dee’s ear kissing his way there while his hand curled around the heavy erection above the curls and stroked upward firmly, his thumb coming across the tip and swirling the beads of thick liquid there into the head. He kissed and nibbled on his ear while he slowly pumped Dee, slow, than faster, than slow again, all the while licking the shell of cartilage that made up his ear, or sucking on his ear lobe, swiping his tongue into the crevices, driving Dee to the edge and when he got him there Ryo tightened his grip and fisted his cock in hard sharp strokes.

Dee was panting and sweating beneath him, his stomach muscles trembling and his eyes scrunched tightly shut. He knew he wasn’t far from coming, the tension in his belly was so, so good, promising such a wonderful release. It was then, when he was so close, when he couldn’t stand anymore, that Ryo whispered, his breath hot against the wet skin of his thoroughly licked and kissed ear, to Dee.

“I love you Dee Laytner, more than anything, I’m sorry I made you wait for me for so long.” He murmured his voice low and husky. Dee’s heart slammed against his ribs but he couldn’t say anything back, couldn’t do the long planned and awaited pounce he had so often envisioned in his mind because he was coming then, eyes blinded, thought stilled and trapped around Ryo’s confession and his whole body caught in an arch as it ripped through him.

When it was over his body relaxed into Ryo’s hold, his hips finally coming to rest underneath the hand still wrapped around his diminishing erection, his seed hot against his own belly. He grabbed for Ryo’s face then, twisting into his embrace and bringing his hand up to bury in Ryo’s thick hair. He kissed Ryo, hard and ground against the other man’s erection still buried against his side.

“Jesus, Ryo.” Dee managed to get out around a throat still thick with emotions and release. “Holy hell, the things you do to me. God, I love you, I love you so damn much.”
Ryo smiled at him and kissed the end of his nose. “I know. I’m sorry I didn’t figure it out sooner.”

“Quit apologizing, dude. I’m the luckiest bastard alive and I know it.” Dee told him before pushing Ryo onto his back and crawling on top of him. “In fact, I’m so damn lucky I should properly thank you by showing you my absolute gratitude.” Dee said in a tone that left absolutely no doubt as to how his absolute gratitude would be shown.

Ryo arched an eyebrow at him. “Oh? Is that so?”

“Oh yes Mr. MacLean that is so. “ Dee responded as leaned over and pressed a kiss against Ryo’s neck right below his jaw, licking at the sweat he found there before pulling the tender skin in between his teeth to worry and suck on, determined to leave an absolutely unmistakable love mark on Ryo’s neck that the normally reserved man couldn’t hide it. Ryo’s breath immediately hitched and his hands came up to press on Dee’s chest.

Dee pulled them down to Ryo’s sides and tsked at him. “Now, now, we will have none of that, fair is fair.” Ryo squirmed trying to free his wrists but Dee held tight and locked Ryo’s body under his with his knees and legs. “You best behave young man or I’ll have to get my handcuffs out and restrain you.” He teased but with enough darkness in his voice to let Ryo know he was serious. He made a noise of satisfaction when Ryo’s cock twitched beneath him in response, Dee pressed his hips back in kind and got to hear the most beautiful sound he had ever heard, Ryo moaning deep in his throat and chest.

Dee’s smile was so wide it hurt his face. He couldn’t remember ever feeling a joy this strong and it was made all the better by the healthy dose of lust streaking through it. He’d make his Ryo feel so good and so loved he’d never doubt Dee’s heart or for letting himself, finally, give into what they both wanted. This he solemnly swore to himself in his own mind but it was with his lips and hands that he started to swear it to Ryo.
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