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Fandom: FAKE
Title: Verge of Something Wonderful
Chapter: 12, Beer Hops and Ryo Leaps
Rating: Light M, Hard M in progressive chapters
Disclaimer: Do not own FAKE, property of Sanami Matoh, fanwork only, no profit made.

Previous Chapters: FF.net Verge of Something Wonderful

Dinner wound up being subs from a place inside of a convenience store not too far from their hotel. They were actually quite large sandwiches and weren’t too shabby at all. The good part about this is they were gone from their hotel room for only about thirty minutes before trudging back in out of the wet weather with not only subs but chips and beer as well. Ryo really rather thought he deserved a few beers after all this trip had put him through and put up only a token resistance to the idea. Dee being Dee read it correctly and picked up not only his preferred beer of choice but also one he knew Ryo liked as well. Ryo didn’t say another word and happily slipped his credit card through the slot to pay for it all.
Cold beer and subs, nothing to complain about there, Ryo wouldn’t even complain if Dee managed to find some sporting invent to watch on the television. Dee fussing over sports while they both shared a beer was about as close to normal as normal got and Ryo felt he deserved the normal as much as he did the beer. He drew the line at paying for Dee’s cigarettes though because he was not so subtly trying to get the other man to quit. Dee snagged them anyway, along with a bunch of candy bars, and paid for them his self. Ryo just sighed and pushed on out of store ahead of him with his arms full of bags.
Back in their room and settled back into one shared bed it looked like a picnic basket full of junk food had exploded all over the room. Dee was eating a sub that looked like he had requested every type of cold cut meat they had on it and was licking fingers slick with oil and vinegar dressing. Ryo watched him eat, a smile on his face, Dee and Bikky ate the exact same way they lived, full tilt and with gusto. It should have looked disgusting to watch someone wolf down that much food but all Ryo could think of was how much vitality Dee gave off, like he was so full of life that if you were running low he could somehow just gift some over to you.
The other thought floating around in his head was Dee’s fingers were extremely long and if he continued to lick and suck on them like he was Ryo’s insides were going to be tied permanently into an uncomfortable knot. He might not have been able to fully see himself having sex with another man, but it wasn’t stopping his body from reacting to the sight of Dee molesting his fingers with his tongue and mouth. Ryo quelled the urge to lick them himself by sipping more beer and taking another bite of his own tuna sub. And looking away, quickly, which Dee noticed but didn’t say anything, however when Ryo looked back it was just in time to see Dee lick his middle and index finger from his palm all the way up to their tips before sucking on the ends of them. Ryo choked on his beer and Dee gave him a very cat like satisfied smile.
Dee one, Ryo zero. Ryo coughed and spluttered before he regained his breath and composure enough to glare at Dee. “Problem there partner?” Dee asked with absolutely no trace of innocence whatsoever. Ryo pulled the back of his hand across his mouth to wipe away spilt beer and narrowed his eyes at his ‘partner’. In response Dee bit off another piece of his sandwich and took a deep gulp of beer and chewed happily, not a care in the world. Ryo gave him a patented eye roll and turned his attention back to his own tuna sub. Jackass. Incredibly attractive, intelligent, and wonderful but definitely still a jackass.
Dee found things to watch on TV, predictably dealing with sports, Ryo found time to clean up the huge mess Dee was making all over the bed they were on, Dee cursed and fumed at people who couldn’t hear him and didn’t care, and Ryo worked on a Sudoku puzzle. Were it not a hotel room on the wrong end of the east coast they could have been at home Ryo thought to himself as he struggled to figure out the placement of a nine in the grid he was working on. He grabbed a hold of the thought and dragged it back into his mind before it could finish flitting off. He looked at Dee over the rim of his reading glasses, really looked at him, how at ease he was sprawled out beside Ryo on the bed, all long legs and lean mass, the heat of his body close enough for Ryo to feel.
The sense that Dee felt like home settled onto Ryo, calm and sure. They could have been anywhere but as long as they were together it would feel just like this. The only things missing were Bikky and Carol, but they filled different parts of Ryo, equally as important to be sure, but not the same as this piece. This piece belonged all to Dee, a piece that said Ryo would feel empty if Dee wasn’t there to be too loud to balance out his quiet and to be the other part of a half that makes a whole.
A rush of emotion, thick and deep, pooled over Ryo, the rest of the dam within him coming down and for a moment he couldn’t even breathe. He stared at Dee helplessly while Dee cheered someone on TV, pumping his fist in the air, completely oblivious to what was pouring through Ryo. The grey light from the evening sky spilled through the window and played in Dee’s hair, a delicate lighting of the planes of his face, animating one eye while casting the other eye into shadow. He was beautiful in this light, so handsome, Ryo admitted to himself and then admitted that Dee would look equally devastating in any light simply because he was Dee and Dee had brought Ryo back home again.
Ryo hadn’t felt like he belonged anywhere, to anyone, since the death of his parents. All the while he had been fighting against a physical attraction to Dee and worrying about his heart being hurt, his broken pride being trampled on, and the entire time Dee had been steadily making his way in to snuggle right up against Ryo’s soul. And now he knew that he’d been guarding the wrong doors all along and he was so damn lucky that he had been.
Ryo pulled his glasses off and set them aside with his book and pen. He smiled at Dee’s contagious enthusiasm almost sorry to interrupt the happily entertained man. Ryo cleared his throat to get his attention. “Hey Dee, I’m going to go grab a shower, all right?” He asked when Dee turned to meet his eyes.
Dee nodded. “Yeah, sure. That’s the great thing about hotels huh? Endless hot water!” His attention then twisted back to the game. Ryo, clean freak, shower, got it and he was back to watching the next play. Ryo laughed under his breath. It was such a comfy acknowledgment, so much like they were sitting in Ryo’s apartment eating Chinese takeout while Dee and Bikky cheered on the home team. He was filled with the contented security of being with loved ones and family, the feelings that make a home more than just an address on a map.
Once he was in the shower Ryo leaned against the shower wall and let the warm water spray down on him. He was happy and nervous, the shower was just his way of gaining the space to let himself feel just how much he loved Dee without a pair of overly piercing green eyes picking through his own. He wondered if Dee knew he loved him and if he did, did he know all along, is that why he held on? Or maybe it was just in Dee’s nature to hope for the best no matter how much the odds were stacked against him.
The water sluiced over his skin washing away the day, taking the edge off his nerves. He picked up the soap and started to carefully clean his body, nerves or not he couldn’t hide in here all night long and he didn’t want to in the first place. He wanted to get over the jack knifing in his stomach that was trying to edge out the bliss he felt in his chest. He wanted to be with Dee, let him know that he returned his feeling, that he had finally quit running, and he wanted to do it as soon as possible. He didn’t think he could bear to wait until they got back to New York and he definitely did not want to have this conversation in that abominable hell house they were investigating. Having things randomly thrown at you while in the midst of romantically confessing to your true love was not something he intended to have on the agenda.
No, it needed to be done tonight. Ryo bit his bottom lip. He hoped. That is if his nerves didn’t get the better of him first. He moved on from one step to the next, washing hair, shaving again, overkill from him but he couldn’t help it, and brushing his teeth and gargling with mouthwash. Dee wouldn’t care he as sure but tuna and onions did not speak to the romantic in Ryo whatsoever. Funny though, he realized he didn’t care if Dee tasted like his oil and vinegar giant meat sandwich or not, wouldn’t care if it was all overshadowed with the tang of his last cigarette smoke. It would be all Dee and all Dee was more than enough for Ryo.
Shower done a very nervous Ryo slipped back into the room and onto the bed they had not been having a huge feast on. Dee had slipped out earlier, hollering through the bathroom door that he was going to go down to the lobby and have a smoke and would be back in a minute. That had given Ryo a chance to give the room a critical once over and snag himself another beer out of the mini fridge. He had had a light buzz going earlier but the shower had mostly dispelled it. Ryo held the brown bottle in his hands and contemplated whether he wanted to drink it or not. He definitely did not want to be drunk when he talked to Dee but he wasn’t sure he wanted to be hundred percent sober either.
False courage he whispered to himself but still twisted the top of the bottle and took a few deep sips. He promised himself to drink only enough to keep the edge down on his poor abused nerves so that he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of Dee. Just enough to get back the buzz from earlier and no more and after giving himself all the right assurances the gold liquid slipped a little easier down his throat.
When Dee returned from the lobby he was splattered with muddy water and looked like a very tall half drowned rat. The pissed off look on his face didn’t help much either. Ryo raised an eyebrow in question. Dee snorted. “Some asshole can’t wait for a lady with a baby in her arms and a toddler by her leg to get all the way out of the road. Asshole. He’s lucky I’m not a cop down here or I’d have arrested his ass.”
Ryo’s eyes widened. “Everybody okay Dee?”
“Yeah, I managed to snag the little guy out the way but that dude’s real damn lucky I was standing there smoking when he pulled that stunt. Gunned his engine at the woman when she was halfway across the front entrance, the kid freaked and ran the wrong damn way, I don’t know who was more scared me or the mother. I really should have beaten the shit out of that guy. ” Dee said with disgust. “I got to go grab a shower man, I feel gross and I’m not sure but I think the kid might have peed on me as well as getting sprayed with puddle water. Guh.”
Dee stomped off into the shower hollering over his shoulder that he was going to borrow Ryo’s discarded sweatpants from earlier. Ryo curled up his silk pajama clad legs and took a much bigger swallow of his beer. It was going to be a hell of a night.
Dee returned to find Ryo still sitting in bed, hugging a bottle to his chest and staring at him wide eyed. It made him wonder momentarily if he suddenly had a horn sticking out of his forehead or, Dee eyed the bottle, if Ryo had had quite enough to drink. Ryo had in fact managed to get through two bottles during Dee’s short shower and was now clinging to his third and looked like he was prepared to fight for it if necessary. Dee found this to be ‘interesting’ behavior on Ryo’s part. Dee moved to crawl onto the bed with him only to be stopped by Ryo asking him if wasn’t going to have something to drink too. Dee thought about this carefully and decided the right answer should be yes, yes he was. He scooted off the bed and came back with a beer in his hand, even more interesting was the way Ryo seemed relieved that he wasn’t the only one drinking anymore.
Interesting indeed. Dee pulled out his detective skills and started asking questions. Had Bikky called in? Yes, everything was fine. Had the Chief called in? Ryo didn’t answer immediately and looked more flustered. Dee pressed the subject gently only to find out that Ryo had let the call ring through to voice mail. Hmmmmmmmm, what had the Chief wanted? Oh to ask about the house and you know… stuff. Ryo found the bedspread immensely fascinating as he explained the message particularly the ‘stuff’. Curious and curiouser.
Dee grabbed the remote off the other bed and climbed in beside Ryo cautiously. Sure they had spent all day and all night cuddling but Ryo could be weird at the strangest times and had a tendency to bolt whenever things got either to comfortable or to uncomfortable, heat wise, between him and Dee. Best to proceed with caution and not give the other man a reason to flee. Ryo only watched him with hazy eyes as settled down under the covers.
Dee eyed him carefully trying to size him up. Ryo just stared back. Okayyyyyyyyy. Dee broke the mounting silence, testing the waters. “You want to watch a movie? I remember seeing a commercial for some sort of cop movie coming on tonight.” Ryo gave him a quick smile and nodded yes emphatically, like Dee was all sorts of awesome and his salvation for coming up with the idea. Dee mentally decided that he needed to pry Ryo’s drink from his hand the first chance he got while flipping through the channels to find the movie in question.
It was a made for TV movie involving two detectives tracking a supernatural killer. It was quite a good movie, Dee would have normally given it a B+ if it weren’t for the fact that between the outside storm and their previous experiences both men were way more rattled than they should have been by the spookier elements of the show. By the time the movie ended they were practically in each other’s laps. They had quit drinking but Dee didn’t know when Ryo had stopped and he had had more than a few his self. Enough that stumbling to the bathroom to relieve his self took on comic elements of trying to keep his feet steady on a floor that felt somewhat wobbly despite his brain knowing that he was the unstable one.
If he thought he had a hard time of it Ryo was another beast all together. He managed to get himself up right just long enough to lurch over and into the wall, hands shooting out to steady himself from there. He slid to the bathroom using the wall to pull his self along. Dee wasn’t sure if he wasn’t too much of a danger to be attempting this feat all on his own.
He was fighting dozing off. He couldn’t believe he was tired after all the sleeping they had done but he figured it was the beer catching up with him making him drowsy. So he laid on the bed listening out for Ryo, wanting to make sure he was all right, wasn’t too drunk, and would make it back to bed on his own. The darkened room swam in and out of focus, the flashes of lightening, the rumbles, came and went with his conscience. Dimly he registered that Ryo had climbed back into the shower, yet again, and he tried to figure out if that was a good or a bad thing but his brain just wasn’t able to put out the effort. The room slipped away from him again and he was lost to sleep.
The next time he came too it was because he felt someone leaning over him. Opening bleary unfocused eyes he stared up into a darkened outline that could only be Ryo. He was all too aware that Ryo was pressed down onto him, hips against hips, legs tucked around and in between legs, all the way up his body until Ryo’s elbow tucked under his arm and lifted their chests and upper body apart. The warmth and solidity, the nearness, took his breath away.
“Ryo?” He whispered up to the man above him. He was on very unsure ground here and was afraid to reach out and touch. He went from pleasant confusion to downright scandalized shock when instead of answering the body above him lowered itself the rest of the way onto him and warm lips pressed against his neck.
“Your skin is so warm, I knew it would be.” Ryo murmured against him, a vibration of husky voice and lips against sensitized flesh. Ryo kissed up his neck to his ear, the tip of his tongue coming out to lick the indention behind the ear lobe. Dee all but forgot how to breathe at that point, was this his timid Ryo doing these insanely sensual, hot things to him? Was he drunk? Should he stop him before things got out of hand and there were regrets and hurt feelings in the morning.
Dee shifted and moved to dislodge Ryo but was stopped by a firm hand pushing him back down into the bed. “I know what you’re thinking, that I’ve had too much to drink. Don’t. I haven’t.” Ryo told him before attacking his jaw line with soft little nips.
Dee relaxed into the mattress, uncoiling tense muscles, and sighed in pleasure. He couldn’t quite make sense of what was happening but he wasn’t going to do anything to spoil it either. He had always assumed that he would be the one doing this sort of seduction to Ryo, at least at first, and his brain was still a little bit mussed over by the alcohol, but he couldn’t deny that it felt good.
Maybe that’s what needed to happen all along; maybe Ryo needed it to be this way. Dee didn’t care; it felt too good to worry about anyway. He felt both aroused and safe at the same time, not something he was used too but extremely pleasant none the less. His body was so hot, pinned beneath Ryo’s weight, and it felt so good to feel his own erection trapped between their bodies, Ryo’s pressing back against him, the sharpness of hip bones dulled through their clothing but still imprinting into each other’s bodies.
In the darkness Dee let go…
(To be continued. Very, very, very soon. I promise. )

Date: 2010-04-03 07:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] anjichan.livejournal.com
I already reviewed over @ ff.net, so you know I loved this chapter! ♥

I come with icon gifts: 2 100x100 and 1 150x150 (for ff.net if you would like to use it there as an alt.)

I was meant to post today with my icon post, but I have been very busy this week and didn't get around to making any. I did get to complete your colouring request thou! Hope you like 'em? ^_^

Date: 2010-04-04 01:29 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aphonicbabel.livejournal.com
^____^ I absolutely love them. They are wonderful and turned out even better than I imagined they would.

*Gives you a hug.*

I'm so happy you enjoyed the story update. Happy readers make me a happy writer, every single time.

I heart these icons so much!

Date: 2010-04-04 10:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] anjichan.livejournal.com
\^_^/ Yay! Glad you liked the icons!

If you would like me to colour any more of your fav fake moments from the series, feel free to let me know about them ^_~


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